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Keep Them Clean, Or Die.

Posted on September 29 2019

Keep Them Clean or Die.

Author JEFF KIRKHAM / READYMAN / Published: SEPT-29-2019

The tiny killers...


It took history some time to figure out that there were little creatures out there that wanted to kill us.  No, I’m not talking about aliens, gremlins or (on occasion, your overtired kids).  I am, however, talking about bacteria and germs that spread disease, the likes of which, have wreaked havoc throughout recorded history.


Your emergency preparedness plan must take into consideration the risks that are associated when the sanitation of modern life is compromised.  Dysentery killed more men in the American Civil War than bullets did.  In the Civil War alone, over 400,000 soldiers died from disease alone. Let that sink in a minute…disease caused massive death in the United States and ultimately led to an opium epidemic.


Laudanum, a drink used for pain that contained opium, was routinely prescribed to people with dysentery because it causes constipation - but that is a conversation for another blog.


If you do not have a sanitation plan built into your emergency preparedness plan you are flirting with disaster. 



The Civil War, Union soldiers in Trenches before the Battle of Petersburg, Virginia, June 9, 1864.

Taking Care Of Your Hygiene.

It's not the most sexy subject (and certainly rotting teeth are not sexy) but clean teeth are essential to good health and survival.  Having the ability to clean your teeth cannot be overstated; it elevates the mood, wards off disease, and spares those around you dragon breath.


Oral hygiene can ward off several diseases that can put you down and take you out.  An infected tooth can kill you just as sure as a punk with a gun.  Oral hygiene can even help ward off pneumonia (which prior to antibiotics was a massive killer of people) by killing bacteria and germs that can lead to bronchitis that can turn to pneumonia.


Recently at ReadyMan we found a brand new product that takes a lot of the work out of brushing your teeth, especially when you go camping.  If you are like me, I treat camping trips like rehearsals for bugging out.  It is called RipPak and you can find it HERE:


RipPak is a brand new product on the market that comes in dry powder form but does not require water to work.  It does an amazing job pulling saliva into your mouth so you can brush your teeth, and if you are in a real hurry, you can get away using it without a toothbrush.  RipPak hits your mouth and immediately begins to foam up and starts removing the build up on your teeth.  Using a toothbrush definitely helps, but you can get away without one.


Rippak comes in easy to use singe serving pouches that you simply tear open and pour into your mouth.  Once the dry powder hit your mouth, the foaming action starts (the foaming action is a bit weird the first time, but you get used to it pretty fast).   The foam helps to move the germs off the teeth and tongue, cleaning the entire mouth.  If you don’t have a toothbrush available you can use the old mountain man trick of a chew stick, which is simply a small stick with a frayed end used to clean teeth.


RipPak is a super light, small sized product that should be in your emergency preparedness plan.  You can also use it for camping and even traveling when space restrictions and the TSA come into play.


Rippak is THE SOLUTION to keeping proper hygiene when out in the field or away home. It's simple to use: Rip, Pour, Clean, and Go! Click image above to get your all-in-one oral hygiene survival pack!




  • Suzanne Gilmore: October 21, 2020

    Ms. Mullins, in conjunction with brushing and
    flossing your teeth, make sure you brush your tongue as well. Even if you think you may need extractions, getting your mouth as healthy as possible, will facilitate your healing process. Also,
    if you live near a dental school, you may be able to access care with reduced fees. Check with your state Dental Board, which may have knowledge of dentists who donate their services,
    In some situations.
    Of my 41 yr career with a VA Medical Center, I was a certified dental assistant over 30 yrs. Oral health can reflect other health conditions. A thorough dental exam will also check for lesions of the tongue, cheeks, palate, throat.
    I hope you receive the care you need.

  • Doris Mullins: May 25, 2020

    Is this a hoax? I certainly hope not.

  • Doris Mullins: May 25, 2020

    How do you know the stage of periodontal is. I probably need to have my teeth pulled. I have flakes coming from my teeth, my tongue is so sore from trying to remove the flakes. I really need seme help! Is ther any in Vicksburg? Another problem is .the expense involved. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you Doris Mullins

  • JK: May 13, 2020

    What a bunch of BS. I thought this article was going to talk about various herbs in toothpaste that can benefit you or brushing techniques, frequency, etc.

    Stop scamming people. You have been delisted from my email.

  • wvscout: September 30, 2019

    A friend of mine passed away from bad teeth. Its a very nasty death. A few years after I was discharged, a lot of my dental work done went Kaput. It started to get so bad that I had all of them pulled. Feel so much better now. I have full set of dentures and can even eat a apple without them.

  • Charles: September 30, 2019

    I too, was expecting more information about sanitary conditions, and a history lesson. I didn’t know this was going to be a pitch for tooth cleaner.

  • James Ray: September 30, 2019

    So… they died from dysentery because they didn’t brush their teeth? I was expecting more about unsanitary practices such as not burying the dead quickly, cross contamination, not burying your toilet business, hand washing and sanitary eating , and pest control.

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