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How to Use the ReadyMan Dog Tag Survival Card

Posted on June 21 2018

Dog Tag Survival Card

The ReadyMan Dog Tag Survival Card is the latest creation from Jeff Kirkham. Similar to the Wilderness Survival Card, it features a variety of tools that can be used in an emergency survival situation.

Made out of 301 stainless steel and weighing less than 1oz. it features 8 tools that bend and pop out:

  • 2x Double Fishing Hooks
  • 2x Long Fishing Hooks
  • 2x Arrow Heads
  • 1x Fishing Lure
  • 1x Band Saw (outer edge)


dog tag survival card broken apart and labeled


Despite its modest appearance, the tools are strong and durable. Because they are made of stainless steel, they will not rust over time.


As demonstrated in the video above, the outer edge of the dog tag can be straightened out to make a wire saw. The holes at each end allow you to attach cordage (in this case, Kevlar Line) to pull it back and forth.


The fishing hooks come in 2 different sizes: the longer to be used as a fly hook, and the shorter ones can be combined with the lure to make a mini spoon.


Video of catching fish with a tiny spoon lure:



One of the best features is that it's small enough to fit just about anywhere. And at a price point of just $5.99, you can afford to have a couple in every bag you own.


dog tag survival card


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