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How Spatial Awareness and Communication Can Win a Fight

Posted on August 01 2018

A man with a criminal history, who just served 4 months in jail for robbing a convenience store in Eastern Los Angeles, attempts to get revenge on the shop owner who pressed charges against him. He approaches the convenience store in a mask, armed with a knife and hostile intentions, not knowing that the store’s current clerk isn’t willing to become a victim of violent crime.

According to the store’s clerk, whose first name is Albert, the criminal in the video was hopped up on drugs, and it took everything he and his friend had to subdue the suspect. As we look at this video, pay special attention to how the two friends communicate with each other to protect one another from the multiple attackers who are there to back up the suspect.

The following footage was recorded on the security cameras at an Eastern Los Angeles convenience store, and released by the Albert, whose last name we are with-holding for his protection.

According to Albert, the robber in this video had just spent 4 months in jail for robbing the exact convenience store he is attacking in this video. As the man walks across the street, Albert and his friend are standing outside smoking a cigarette before the location closes for the night. Albert clocks the man in the bandana reaching for his waist, and immediately starts to assess the situation.

After watching the suspect for a few short moments, he realizes that the man is not armed with a gun and decides that he will defend the store instead of becoming a victim to the knife-attacker. The suspect walks right by Albert and gives up his back for a brief second, which is when Albert and his friend both simultaneously attack the man.

Using their combined strength, they pin the man against a wall inside of the store and try to wrestle control of the knife from him while punching him in the head to try and render him unconscious. The attacker wrestles both men outside where the attacker’s two friends try to join in on the fight. The men split at this point, and Albert’s friend moves to protect Albert while he continues to try and gain control of the knife.

A third individual eventually comes to Albert’s aid while the friend maintains a defensive posture that keeps them both safe from the two men sneaking into the fight to cause confusion. Had Albert and his friend not been communicating with each other and maintaining sight outside of the current conflict, the two individuals easily could have joined into the fight turning the tide and getting Albert and his friend killed by the knife-man.

Law enforcement was called after the attacker was subdued, and fifteen minutes later they arrived on the scene to re-arrest the knife attacker. Using his martial arts training, mental toughness, and spacial awareness allowed Albert to take control of an attacker that was armed with a knife while simultaneously communicating to his friend to guard them from the second and third attacker who could have turned the tide of the fight out of their favor.


  • jerry johnson: August 03, 2018

    Glad to see people stand up for the law and the people who they work for. These guys deserve a reward for this. Thanks for your help getting a thug off the streets.

  • Dr. Clifford N. Alford: August 02, 2018

    I suspect that was the longest fifteen minutes of that punk’s life waiting for the cops to arrive and save him from his intended “victim.” It’s like the saying goes, only in a reversed sort of way, “When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away.” And, as to the extra kicks, considering how liberal some judges are, kicking his head in a few times just might be the best service of true justice that will happen in this situation.

  • KH: August 02, 2018

    Awesome teamwork. I’m not sure the last couple head kicks were necessary, but the camera angle makes it difficult to tell what was happening.

  • Clarence Couch: August 02, 2018

    So where’s the video?

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