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Homeowner Saves Family Through Expedient Action

Posted on January 17 2019

Incidents of theft and extreme violence can happen at any time. You have zero control of when, where, or how these incidents begin. The only control that you have in these extreme situations is how you react as an individual. Will you have the needed tools to defend yourself? Will you be mentally prepared to react? Will you become a willing victim while you wait for someone else to show up and defend you instead?

In the video you are about to witness, a man defends his wife and mother-in-law during an attempted car-jacking in his own driveway on Dr. René Anzieta street in Chile. He hears the commotion going on outside, grabs his pistol, and immediately makes his way to where the carjackers are in order to put an end to the confrontation that has put his family in danger.

From the moment the carjacking begins, to the moment that the Husband is outside with his pistol defending his family, very little time takes place. His expedient response to the situation allowed him to take initiative from the carjackers, and immediately place them on the back foot into a full retreat away from the scene of their attempted crime.

Had his tools not been readily available, or had he been unwilling mentally to take the needed action to protect his family, the situation could have ended in tragedy. Due to his actions alone, one bad guy was taken off the streets of Chile, and his family remained safe.

You cannot always control when a self-defense situation will strike.

You can however control how you react when it does.


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