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Officer Fights Off Five Carjackers by Himself in Brazil

Posted on August 16 2018

A law enforcement officer in Brazil is never truly off duty. With violent crime rampant throughout the nation, law enforcement officers can often find themselves in situations that put them at the point of friction, even during the time that they are normally not working.

In the video you are about to watch, an off-duty officer from Brazil finds himself on the receiving end of a carjacking. He is marked by a gang of criminals as he walks to his vehicle, and the moment he pops open the driver’s side door to get in his vehicle he finds himself in the middle of a life or death situation with no less than five criminals.

When a carjacking happens, it tends to be brutal and fast paced. The intent of the criminal is to catch the vehicle owner when they are least prepared, and then disorient the individual through the violence and speed in which they are capable of stealing someone’s car. In this instance, no less than 5 criminals exit their getaway vehicle to bum rush the driver and get away with his car and any other possessions he may have.

What the criminals are not prepared for however is a victim who is not willing to be taken advantage of, nor afraid to fight for his own personal safety and property. As the criminals try to overpower the driver of the vehicle through sheer numbers alone, they get a rude awakening. The victim draws his pistol and opens fire into the group, killing one outright, and injuring another two of the would-be thieves.

As we so often see in these scenarios, the second the victim becomes a hostile threat, the criminals make the decision to fly instead of fight. Often, in the process of flight, the criminals leave behind their buddies to be arrested or killed, which shows us that there really is no honor among thieves. Had the off-duty officer been an unarmed civilian with no training, these men would have easily attacked him brutally, overwhelming him and stealing his vehicle.

The officer did well to maintain situational awareness as he approached his vehicle. In the single second that he realized what was going on, he drew his weapon and made the conscious decision to open fire in the defense of his personal safety and property. His violence of action quickly overwhelmed and defeated the carjackers.

In the aftermath of the fight, the officer also moved to the injured carjackers and disarmed them while holding them at gunpoint. This action alone ended the potential for the threats to continue the fight from an injured state. Remembering that the fight isn’t over until the fight is completely over is key to surviving situations like this one.



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