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Robber Stopped By Decisive Off-Duty Officer in Brazil

Posted on May 30 2018

A brazen robbery takes place in a public location where patrons of a local restaurant in Brazil are eating. The robber enters the target location quickly, and immediately approaches the cash register and begins making demands to the man working the register before he turns his sights onto the people eating, thinking that they might also have money worth stealing.



While holding people inside of the restaurant at gunpoint however, the robber fails to check his backside leaving an opportunity for an off-duty law enforcement officer to enter the location with his service pistol to defend the people inside. The following footage was recorded on the security camera system of a small restaurant in Brazil.

As the video begins, the man is already inside of the restaurant, and present at the location of the cash register. Intent can be clearly seen to anyone who is paying attention, as he unzips his coat and reaches inside to produce a small caliber handgun which he uses in an attempt to control the individuals inside of his target location. Two women quickly realize what is happening and use the opportunity to escape and find help. The robber, who has preoccupied himself with controlling a few of the guests and the man behind the register fails to check his back, opting to and try and finish his robbery quickly instead of safely.

Fortunately for the restaurant owner and patrons, the two women who escaped were quickly able to flag down an off-duty law enforcement officer. The officer busts into the building with speed and utilizes surprise and violence of action to end the robber’s life before he can put up any fight that would put civilians in the line of fire.




Had the officer not been nearby, and able to respond to the situation with his firearm, many people would have lost some of their hard-earned cash. Had those individuals chosen to resist the robber, there is a chance that he would have used lethal force to complete his robbery in a timely fashion to avoid detection by local law enforcement.

Instead, the officer was able to respond with greater force than the robber was prepared for. The speed and decisiveness in which the office reacted also prevented a firefight from happening and protected the lives of the innocent people inside of the location trying to eat their dinner in peace.


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