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Counter-Ambush at Chinese Convenience Store

Posted on September 13 2018

Depending on your current situation, sometimes compliance will afford you the opportunity to strike back against your attackers. In the instance of this convenience store robbery in China, the victims manage to remain compliant until an opportunity presents itself that allows the victims to flip the tables out of the favor of their attackers with a hasty counter-ambush.

For the duration of this video, pay special attention to the victim in the yellowish t-shirt that is crouched down next to the exit of the convenience store. You will notice that while the man remains compliant when both robbers are present, specifically the robber with a shotgun, he never once stops assessing the situation and doing the mental math on his odds of being able to over-take the two robbers.

In the instant that the opportunity arises, the man confirms his window of opportunity, and then brutally attacks one of the robbers who was temporarily left alone, prompting the clerk to join in and assist him in overtaking the attacker as well.

Keeping a clear mind, and remaining patient allowed the victim in the yellowish t-shirt to remain conscious of his surroundings. With his feigned compliance, he was able to gain the element of surprise in his attack when the opportunity was presented to him. Had the man been in a panicked state of mind for the duration of the attack, he would not have thought to check the surroundings outside or he may have remained in a compliant state allowing the robbery to continue escalating.

Remember, in similar situations it is imperative to keep aware of your surroundings and the current situation. Continuous constant assessment will allow you to find the right moment to regain the initiative, gain the element of surprise, or remove yourself from a dangerous situation outright. Your mind is one of your greatest weapon systems, so next time you are in a convenience store think about a scenario in which you have to survive an armed robbery attempt.


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