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A Real World Example of Why You Carry Loaded

Posted on March 14 2019

If you are going to carry a concealed pistol with you for your protection, you need to carry that pistol in a state that allows it to be drawn and fired immediately. Some people still believe that carrying a pistol without a round in the chamber is efficient, and that mindset may get them killed should they ever have to draw down on an armed attacker who is already prepared to fire.

In the video you are about to watch, two officers from the Springdale Police Department in Arkansas stop a man on a motorcycle that they believe may be under the influence. What the officers don’t realize is that the man has an arrest warrant already and is armed with a handgun. He has no intentions on returning to prison but is carrying his pistol without a round in the chamber.

What you have just witnessed is a real-world example of why carrying concealed without a round in the chamber will lose you a gunfight. The officers in this video were both carrying their service pistols loaded and ready to fight, so when the attacker revealed his intentions to the officers, he gave them ample time to draw, present, and open fire accurately to defeat the present threat.

Fortunately for the officers in this video, the criminal was not prepared to draw and fire accurately. He took the initiative against the officers with his fast draw but wasn’t prepared to fight in that same instant. This failure by the criminal returned the initiative back to the officers, as all they needed to do when clearing their weapons from the holster was aim down the sights and get a clear sight picture before firing to stop the threat.


  • Ranger Michael Vick: March 25, 2019

    Good shoot.

  • Brad Mottishaw: March 21, 2019

    All I saw was a Sportsmans Guide ad, nothing followed.

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