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Off-Duty Officer Prevents Car Jacking in Brazil

Posted on May 23 2018

On the evening of May 18, 2018, a female off-duty law enforcement officer from Brazil finds herself at the center of an attempted car-jacking. Three armed thugs approach her mini-van from all sides as she is pulling out of her driveway with the intent of injuring or murdering her to steal her vehicle.

Her awareness to the situation, and her ability to act quickly on her instincts is the deciding factor in a brutal life or death scenario that could have resulted in the loss of her life and property. Being ready and prepared always for all situations is the key to staying alive in high crime areas.

When the video begins, we can see three men walking down the street behind the van. The woman inside of the van, who is an off-duty law enforcement officer, takes note of this and continues to back out of her parking spot with an eye on the men as they case her vehicle for a robbery.

The three men quickly encircle the vehicle, and approach it with an obvious intent, and the off-duty officer inside recognizes the threat instantly. One of the men pulls out a handgun, and as soon as he gets to the window of the vehicle to begin the robbery, she opens fire on her attackers using her own pistol.

As most criminals do in situations where a suspected soft target becomes dangerous, the men choose not to press the issue and they hastily retreat. During their retreat, the off-duty officers fires several more rounds at the attackers to ensure that they do not move to a position of cover to continue their attack. The officer then steps out of her vehicle and calls for the support of fellow law enforcement officers.

In most situations where a criminal or group of criminals attack, they are looking for willing victims. Willing victims are individuals who will cower in fear and allow themselves to be taken advantage of. Often, when presented with a victim who refuses to be taken advantage of, and instead fights back, criminals will retreat in the defense of their own lives.

Being ready, prepared, and able to recognize situations like this is a key part of surviving deadly encounters with individuals who are looking for easy victims. Also, carrying a concealed weapon on your person allows you to respond to threats with equal or greater force in the defense of your own life and property.


  • Wesley: May 24, 2018

    I agree Robert, although I did see a flash from her vehicle.

  • Robert Quintero: May 24, 2018

    Did she fire through the rolled up window?

  • Bj: May 24, 2018

    That’s awesome, I saw two guns on the suspects. Th one going to the passenger side and one on the drivers side. All I can can is great girl, you are my dream girl!!

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