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Best Personality Type to Survive an Apocalypse

Posted on January 31 2022

What do you think is the best personality type to survive an apocalypse? Type A personality? A chill, get-along person? A team player? A follower? A born leader?

In Black Autumn, Jeff Kirkham leads the security effort, and a small-scale war, to protect his friends and family. One of his men is married to a strong, controlling woman. She approaches Jeff to insist her husband not be assigned combat:
“‘No. It doesn’t make sense.‘ She started to tear up. ‘I can’t raise a family without Robert and, by putting him out there to fight, you’re putting our children at risk. Please don’t do this to us.’

Jeff softened and actually felt a little sympathy for the woman. He could see her for what she was: a strong woman fighting to survive in a strange and dangerous world. The strategies she had used to navigate her past life—hard charging and strong words—they weren’t getting her what they once had. This wasn’t a world she could control with her practiced tongue and iron will. The dangers in this world would have to be met with a more physical response.

"Here’s what I’ll promise you," Jeff held up his hands, conceding as much as he could. "I’ll train him myself, and I’ll do my best to give him duty that’s suited to his ability. That’s all I can promise."

What kind of personality, man or woman, do you think is the most-survivable in a Black Autumn-type scenario where the world collapses?


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