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Friction Zip Tie Escape

Posted on March 15 2016

Wait! It's that easy? 

There are a few moments when people's jaws drop during Jeff Kirkham's Hostage Escape course. The friction zip tie escape is always one of those moments. 

If your hands were to be zip tied with a smaller zip tie you would break out of the bounds the same way that you would break out of duct tape. (video at end of article)

Breaking out of heavy zip ties, or ones with multiple cinching devices requires a bit more innovation.


Step 1: Find some string (your shoelaces will do) and tie an overhand knot on both ends of the string.

Step 2: Make slipknot and insert through zip ties. 

Step 3: Attach loops around your feet

Step 4: Lay on your back and move your feet in a bicycle motion until the string heats up the plastic. Abracadabra! you're out. 

Handcuffs, locks, zip ties, duct tape, we'll teach you how to pick or escape all of these in our classes. Email for more information.

Bonus video on how to escape duct tape.


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