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Handicap-able Shooter

Posted by Logan Stark on

Everyone deserves the right to defend themselves and their family. If you are a paraplegic that involves completely relearning (or learning) a whole new way to shoot. 

For the ReadyMan cadre that took on a whole new skill set of instructing. And it took some trial and error. 

Jeff Kirkham and Evan Hafer have trained thousands of people on the proper way to shoot, from indigenous Afghans to Global Response Staff (GRS) but they've never trained someone in a wheelchair, until now. 

Cliff was paralyzed while working construction when a piece of rebar fell from 3 stories above, penetrating his spine. 2 years later he had a stroke. After a series of bad events Cliff met the ReadyMan team to get one-on-one training in the art of pistol marksmanship. 

It took 4 or 5 different methods until Cliff and Evan settled on the "lean-back" method to properly stabilize Cliff's shots. 

The fundamentals of shooting begin with body positioning, feet in an athletic stance, torso forward, so that you can properly manage recoil. Obviously Cliff can't do that so we had modify his stability.

The solution was to have Cliff lean back into his chair. 

This gave Cliff the enough stability to be just as accurate as if he were standing.

"It's a fruitful and fulfilling endeavor to work with someone like Cliff," Evan says, "He can't run so what do you do? After a day of shooting Cliff was dead on with his accuracy and we both came away with an incredible learning experience."


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