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Posted on March 01 2016

By Logan Stark

Survival is a thinking man's game. Think of it as a chess match, in order to win (survive) you have to be numerous moves ahead of your opponent (death.) That means taking the opportunity to expand your skill base whenever possible. Or, as our resident tactics masters like to say, "Eliminate the statistical probability of threat."

You've been taken hostage and escaped, shot at, pounded by bad weather and forced to make critical decisions. At this point, like our contestants, your probability pretty tapped, both mentally and physically. But that doesn't mean it's time to take a break. 

Eliminate the statistical probability of threat quite simply means, attack, or solve, the greatest threat that is in front of you at all times. Tiredness is threat, hunger is a threat, pneumonia is a threat, outside attackers are a threat. Even though you're exhausted you must be able to maintain the ability to constantly improve your situation. 

We had a saying in the Marine Corps that was absolutely impossible to avoid. "Complacency Kills." From the time I joined up until I left Afghanistan, those two words were echoing in my ears.

Yes, contrary to popular belief, laziness can kill you. One of the greatest benefits that you can allow yourself in this world is to embrace suffering. When you put yourself in miserable/challenging conditions you up the bar for what you can mentally withstand, constantly pushing your breaking point further and further in the distance. 

After hours of taxing events do you think that we would allow our contestants to take a break? No.


The brilliance of the ReadyMan Wilderness Survival Card is it's adaptability. It is a tool that is only as useful as you allow it to be. Tom Hanks could have made a million tools on that deserted island with this thing and it would have saved his life countless times. 

In essence, that is the point of this episode is to give the boys an opportunity to adapt and hone their skills before the final test. 

Ego is the Devil, and your mind can be your worst enemy or your best friend. If your ever find yourself wondering which voice to listen to, just remember, "complacency kills."



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