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Without These, Your Car & OHVs are Paper Weights

Posted on March 01 2016

100 Things Your Forgot: Tire Repair Gear

Without ‘em, Your Car & OHVs are Paper Weights

by Jason Ross

Ain’t none of us ever experienced an Apocalypse, so it’s really hard to imagine being without an auto parts store.

Vehicles can be devilishly hard to keep running, especially when the world’s devolved into poking each other with sharp sticks. If you want running cars and OHVs (off-highway vehicles), you’re going to have to get imaginative.

What will kill your beloved gas-guzzler?

The first thing to remember is that your car or OHV don’t need to out-last your gas supply. If you’re not storing gas, then don’t even worry about tires. If you’re prepper-enough to store gas, then you should think of all the things your car or ATV may need in a two-year period. If you’ve remembered to stock up on Sta-bil, and if you’re responsible about rotating your gas, then you may be able to keep your cars running for eighteen months to two years.

One of the most vulnerable systems on your cars and OHVs are the tires, so they deserve special attention. 

Green Slime

If you lose a tire while bugging out, you need a fast repair. Green Slime can get you out of a life-or-death jam and should be part of your go-bag in the car. You need a DC compressor that can plug into your cigarette lighter in order to get the tire pumped back up, or the Green Slime doesn’t buy you much.

Tire Repair Kits

For all your at-home or at-BOL vehicles, you should keep abundant tire repair kits. These will allow you to easily repair many punctures — enough to get you through Armageddon. Again, you need a compressor, and it’ll probably need to run off your generator or solar. So, you may want to figure out a DC compressor for home as well.

Extra Tires

If you’re like me, fresh tires make the difference between making it up the hill in mud and snow or getting stuck. When my OHV tires wear down, the OHV becomes borderline useless. For deep preparedness, you need to figure out how to change a tire at your Bugout Location. That probably means having plenty of extra tires and a tire machine which runs off a compressor too, by the way.

There are several other things that your vehicle will need to keep rolling, but we’ll keep today’s lesson to just tires. They’re difficult enough — probably forcing you to spend several grand just to ensure you’ve got wheels.

Also, you might want to think a bit about EMP (electro-magnetic pulse.) On the off-chance that someone nukes us high in the ionosphere, your computer-reliant vehicles, unless shielded, might turn into paperweights anyway.

The moral of the story: ensuring the function of vehicles is one hell of a rabbit hole. 



  • Jerry: March 01, 2016

    FYI. Corn starch will also work on a leaking car/truck radiator. Almost as good a the silver looking stuff. But once you put it in and the leak stops. Don’t open the radiator cap again, unless you want the leak to come back. only 2 or 3 tea spoons are needed to stop most leaks.

  • Jerry: March 01, 2016

    Home made Green Slime, no green needed. Canned milk, or old milk, and corn starch. Makes a good home brew slime tire repair. Old school trick from bike riding through a sticker patch. Works on car and truck tires as well. Used it last week to save a tire with good tread but weather beat cracked side walls.

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