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Posted on February 01 2016

(In case you don’t know who Yeager is)

by Jason Ross

Let it be known, by all those present, that nothing herein constitutes, nor shall be construed to constitute, a challenge to one James Yeager nor is this document meant to induce a duel under the “code duello” nor any other form of violence including, but not limited to, a firefight, fistfight nor laser-beam space gun fight with aforementioned firearms instructor.

There are some things that need to be cleared up, first, when talking about James Yeager. He’s one of the most-controversial, most-out-there, least-afraid of conflict beings on the planet. And to many, he’s a damn fine combat firearms instructor.

I could go through a list (a long list) of all the controversy surrounding Yeager, but let’s just say he’s definitely the most controversial prepper ever to walk the face of the Earth, unless you consider Genghis Khan a prepper.

For most, they first acquainted themselves with James Yeager via YouTube, where his firearms training channel teaches all manner of down-and-dirty combat methods and general firearms information. Furthermore, he teaches his combat system from his training center in Camden, Tennessee.  

James is a former military contractor in addition to having law enforcement credentials as long as his arm. He’s a serious but funny guy who shamelessly speaks his mind without concern for the fallout.

The ReadyMan team got a chance to hang out with James for a day, talking smack and playing Handgun Pig on the ReadyMan shooting range. Whether you love Yeager or hate him, you’ve gotta admit that he’s made firearms and prepping a TON more interesting.




  • xrw: February 02, 2016

    recorded volume is too low. cant hear them.

  • Bruce Godwin: February 02, 2016

    Fix your video links guys. Click on the link to watch the vid with Yeager and keeps kicking me back to the log in screen. Log in and it takes me right back to your intro page. You’re killin’ me man.

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