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Posted on February 01 2016

Using the Corpse of your Car for Shelter

by Evan Hafer

By now in our ReadyMan Challenge, Escape & Evasion, the boys have been drug through the wringer. 

They’ve been abducted. 

They’ve been bound up like hogs.

They’ve hot-wired a vehicle.

They’ve escaped and run a roadblock.

They’ve ripped apart their vehicle to collect water and start fire.

Now, they’re digging in to shelter the coming night, complete with a spring storm.

If you were with three guys, and you faced a coming storm and the possibility of some really nasty bastards in pursuit, what kind of shelter would you make?

It’s actually a damn good question with a variety of potential answers. Here are the basic parameters. Think about what you would do. I’ll give you the basics and you decide the appropriate shelter for you and your crew.


  1. You have a minivan/SUV, but it got shot up running a roadblock and now it’s deader than disco.
  2. You’re about 20 miles out from the roadblock and the guys who nabbed you might still be looking for you.
  3. You’re in fairly open terrain — sagebrush flats and rolling hills. There isn’t a ton of cover approaching your position.
  4. You have one AR-15 rifle, a couple mags and a variety of hand-crafted weapons.
  5. It’s you and two buddies, all of whom are fairly competent men.
  6. It’s looking like it’ll storm. The weather’s in the mid-fifties with dark clouds.
  7. You have limited tools. No shovel. No rope. No trees for miles.

What would you do for shelter? Think about it.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • You can shelter in the vehicle, but it’ll be pretty obvious where you’re camped.
  • You can shelter outside the vehicle, in hiding, but that means sleeping under a tarp and on top of the lumpy padding you’ve ripped out of the minivan.
  • You can shelter a LONG ways off and use the car for bait.
  • Your shelter options are probably limited to the following: the car, a hasty tarp or some kind of ground blind.

So, what’s your first choice? Please, comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Watch the ReadyMan video (if you’re a member) to hear how we’d handle the situation: Jeff Kirkham (28 year Green Beret who has ACTUALLY escaped and evaded pursuers) and myself (15 year Green Beret and CIA instructor.)


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