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Posted on December 14 2015

by Jason Ross

If you still think that ISIS is just another passing band of terrorist shit-heads, watch this video:

ISIS has met many, if not all, of the requirements in Muslim scripture to call themselves the Caliphate — the government of God on Earth. The fact that they’re getting their asses blown off on a daily basis by the rest of the world only STRENGTHENS their claims of legitimacy from scripture. 

Every devout Muslim, the world over, must ask himself this question: is ISIS the true Caliphate? Because, if ISIS is the true Caliphate, then faithful Muslims must go to Syria/Iraq and fight, or be judged unfaithful and apostate.

ISIS holds the land. They hold the prophetic city, Dabiq. They defy the world’s powers. They live some ultra-pious version of Sharia Law. All of these facts give them a damn good argument for the Caliphate if you’re a Muslim.

We’re idiots if we ignore this reality.

Here at ReadyMan, we won’t weigh in on how or IF we should put boots on the ground, blow them all to hell, etc.. That’s geo-politics and that’s not our bag.

But, we do believe ISIS-inspired terror attacks will not only continue here in America, but will get much worse. We also believe that the outstanding men and women of our police and military will do their best and make great sacrifices to preserve our safety. 

Yet that will not be enough. American civilians will continue to die and be maimed in this struggle between ISIS and our governments. We believe that something is about to change in our lives and in our country. 

We’ve enjoyed a brief pocket of domestic security since the end of World War Two, where we walked our Norman Rockwell-esque Main Streets without fear of violence. 2016 likely marks the end of that era. 

I got my concealed carry license fifteen years ago and since then I’ve let it lapse for one simple reason; my kids shooting themselves with my firearm was more statistically dangerous than a public act of violence, especially considering where my family lives. 

Today, I can no longer say that.








All around us are “refugee cities” where the United States continues to make good on it’s invitation to the world’s “huddled masses.” We’re committed to taking around 10,000 Syrian refugees a year ( According to a recent poll, at least 13% of Syrian refugees ( admit that they support ISIS — and they’re coming to live beside us, right now. Regardless of whether this is foolish or wise, or whether our Christian beliefs compel us to allow them here or not, the reality remains that we now live under an imminent threat of violence, and that neither our police nor military can be expected to be everywhere at once.

As a capable man, I AM homeland security. I must now hold myself responsible for my own cocoon of safety. 

This means different things to different men — whether it means staying fit and ready to respond to violence. Whether it means seeking training in Krav Maga, boxing or even knife fighting. Whether it means keeping a firearm in your vehicle, and training a lot more with that firearm. Or, whether it means taking up the responsibility of concealed carry. If you’re a capable man, you now shoulder greater responsibility for the safety of your family and your community.

We deluded ourselves, anyway, with our dreams of a safe world. It never really existed outside of the boundaries of the United States. Awakening to the real world, where Bruce Jenner’s sex change operation is far from our greatest threat, brings us back into focus on reality. Plus, it returns men to our responsibility of being capable and vigilant instead of neutered and asleep.

At ReadyMan, we’re doing everything in our power to make it easy and fun for capable American men to recapture their ability to resist evil and protect their families.

Please, let us know how we’re doing. Let us know how you feel about this topic and what more you think we should be doing as countrymen. Visit our message board and let’s talk.


Jason Ross





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