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The ReadyMan Range Bag Checklist

Posted on December 01 2015

Range Bag Checklist

Choose a range bag that will work for your style of training and will hold the essential items that you need for a productive day at the range.

Know the emergency contact information for the range and the location of the nearest emergency care hospital.

This list is the minimum and should only be used as a guide to maximize your training at the range. Individuals should develop their own checklist and keep it with their range bag.


-Eye protection: clear/sunglasses (ballistic rated)

-Ear protection: inner ear/ ear muffs

-Hat with a bill: face protection

-Shooting gloves (if applicable)

-Lubricant: solvent/lubricant

-Cleaning kit: small portable/rag/rubber gloves

-Holster: extra or different types

-Mag pouches: extra or different types

-Extra firearm magazines

-Target stands (if applicable)

-Targets: stickers/paper/zero targets/bulls eyes

-Cardboard target backer

-Stapler, pins, spray glue

-Masking tape, bullet hole pasties

-Magic marker: multiple colors



-Individual first aid kit (at minimum see below)


-Occlusive dressing



-Duct tape

-Band Aids

-Medical card/emergency contact information

-Any medications that the shooter needs (blood pressure medicine etc.)

-Weather dependent items: sunscreen, hand warmers, sunglasses etc.

-Multi tool

-Zeroing tools for your fire arm (Allen wrench, small screw driver, etc.)

-Extra batteries for electronic sights, light, laser

-Flashlight (if applicable)

-Reference material


-Shooting drills

-Manuals for your firearms

-9 line MEDEVAC for ambulance (see ReadyMan PDFs)

-Chalk bag

-Pro timer

-Inner bags to organize range bag

-Garbage bags

-Zip lock bags: (oil, solvent, spent brass etc.)

-Hand wipes (lead cleaning, etc)



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