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Firearms-Trained Mother Saves Family During Home Invasion

Posted on November 30 2015

by Will Sandberg

Mother of two, Semantha Bunce, was breast-feeding her baby at home in her quiet North Carolina community while her husband was at work and her other child was at school. She heard a knock at the door, but she wasn’t expecting anyone and was currently occupied with the newborn, so she didn’t answer it.

Seconds later, the door was kicked in, and two armed intruders were before her. They were surprised to find occupants inside, but the shock didn’t deter them from committing their crime. Instead, the situation escalated to a deadly echelon of violence.              

One of the assailants, Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, later turned himself in and was charged with attempted murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit felony breaking and entering in the home invasion and shooting of 21-year-old Semantha Bunce. The other attacker remains at large.

 Had the young mother not had access to a firearm and only a phone to dial 911, she would have certainly been killed before the authorities could arrive, and the fate of her infant uncertain. Yet, the most important asset she possessed was her training. She was mentally trained to fight rather than to give in to the will of her attackers. She was also physically trained to operate the home defense weapon. Having a weapon and a plan is important, but without the critical training necessary to actually employ them, you may be giving your attackers the upper hand.

Not wanting to be identified, one of the intruders instantly trained his gun on Bunce while she held her child and fired. She was hit twice, sustaining wounds to her chest. What the attackers didn’t know was that Bunce was a trained soldier with a will to survive and protect her loved ones.

 She clung tightly to her infant and retreated to her bedroom where the home-defense pistol was stored, with her attackers in close pursuit. Badly wounded but determined to fight, Bunce recovered the handgun, pointed it at her attackers and fired multiple rounds.

 The murderous intruders, now realizing that they had seriously underestimated the situation when they mistook the mother as a defenseless victim, fled from the home. Bunce was then able to contact emergency services and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.


  • Ronne walker: December 07, 2015

    a mother always promises to protcect her children from anyone. this mother took the motherly instinct to a whole nother level i salute all mothers like her willing to protect their kids at all costs

  • Jason Ross : December 06, 2015

    What a woman!

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