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Posted on November 30 2015

Lightest-weight Backup to Boil Water & Cook EVER

by Logan Stark (Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Vet)

We’re kind of in a pickle with Jeff Kirkham, around ReadyMan.

There’s not much we can say about him.

He’s spent most of his adult life figuring his way in and out of terrible combat situations. He’s been a Green Beret for twenty-eight years. He’s developed and taught the most-advanced combat shooting system in all of history — with Evan Hafer, another ReadyMan Green Beret. And, Jeff’s invented some of the craziest, most-innovative survival tools ever to see the light of day.

But the shit about Jeff we CAN’T talk about because of security and clearance issues… Let’s just say that it’s beyond impressive. I’m pretty sure we don’t even know most of it.

If James Bond had giant biceps and no fashion sense whatsoever, Jeff Kirkham would be James Bond. That’s all we’re going to say.

Here’s what we can do: we can invite you, our ReadyMan buddies, to enjoy the kick-ass gear that Jeff invents and selects. We have this stuff laying around all over at ReadyMan and its found its way into all of our gear bags.

Cool, cool stuff.

Let’s talk about Jeff’s latest invention. The ReadyMan Pocket Survival Stove.

One of the greatest challenges to a person’s survival — both after a collapse and during a wilderness survival situation — is clean water. Water can be found just about anywhere. But, finding clean water is like finding an honest politician. Good luck.

To be sure of questionable water, boil it. But stoves require fuel cells and are bulky. As a back-up to a water filter, Jeff’s Pocket Survival Stove serves perfectly as a low-bulk, low-weight solution.

Also, the stove can, of course, cook and warm and do so with minimal flame and smoke signature. With just a few twigs, you can be warming your hands and boiling water for coffee.

When backpacking, it’s not the end of the world when your stove runs out of fuel. Most backpackers don’t bother to carry a back-up stove and when we’re camping (and we run out of fuel) we go to the Pocket Survival Stove, because it does everything a stove can do.

But, when surviving, matters can become much more serious than backpacking — and a back-up stove can save your bacon. Do like we’ve done and throw Jeff’s little stove in your Ten Essentials Bag.  

The stove also breaks apart to provide some small forks, rope tensioning devices and an awl. By pulling those parts out, you don’t even compromise the stove. It still works.

You’ll end up using it, even if all you ever do is camp.

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  • Rev. Martin Altizer: September 01, 2016

    Guys, I’d like to get one of these- I’m an engineer (retired now) and admire the simplicity of the design, and that it’ll burn dang near anything, and concentrate the heat in a usable way. Do you know the therm content of most plastics. Shrd a milk jug, light a few fragments, and check it out!
    Now the question is- how do I purchase? I literally cannot afford your monthly membership, but than you’ll occasionally come up with crazy ideas that might interest you. Could I be a freelance contributor? By the way, if you have never encountered, check it out- more about four wheel drives than you ever thought could be in a single place! Enjoy…

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