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Turning the Tables on Terrorists - Episode 1

by Evan Hafer

It’s actually pretty hard to keep a good man down. 

We took six good ReadyMen and we rocked their world — taking them hostage and then seeing if they had the competency and ingenuity to break out and evade recapture.

These guys had just completed one of our live tactical trainings and they’d volunteered to rock our E&E challenge as well. We wanted to see how quickly a team of regular guys could get up-to-speed on the skills necessary to turn the tables on anyone who would try to capture and use them as hostage.

We put six regular guys in two teams — Team ‘Merica and Team Bearcat (they named themselves.) Then, we taught them most everything we knew as a CIA instructor about breaking out of a hostage situation and stealing a car. As always, we had some interesting guys in the mix: an MMA fighter, an Alaskan, a fifty-year old runner, a High School student, an Army engineer and a medical instrument engineer, to name a few. They’re pretty much a cross-section of the ReadyMan community.

Escaping from almost any restraint is easy, turns out, IF you know what you’re doing. Using the ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card, Jeff Kirkham (Green Beret 28 years), taught the boys how to get loose from handcuffs, poly rope, fiber rope, zip ties and tape. 

Watching the news, especially with the recent attacks in France, it’s sure as hell seems like radical Islam has taken the gloves off. It’s not a good time to be a clueless sheep-man. It’s time to know how to handle yourself in a hostage situation or a shooting.

Watching the ReadyMan Challenge video, you’ll see both teams blow through the escape challenge — using friction and the Hostage Escape Card to make short work of their restraints. If any of the religious fanatics took one of these six guys hostage, I’m guessing the joke would be on them.

Team Bearcat stomped Team ‘Merica on time on this one, with all three of them blazing through cuffs, rope and tape, in a minute and a half.  Impressive.

Next up, we taught the boys how to steal a car. Escape and evasion, by definition, takes place in desperate times. We thought the boys should know the basics of “procuring transportation” in a hostile environment — whether that’d be in a hostage situation or in an overland bugout.

Using rudimentary tools, both teams hammered at our sacrificial vehicles. Breaking in twelve times per team without breaking the glass. They rocked this challenge too, breaking in at an average of thirty seconds per car. 

Here, Team Bearcat won the challenge by just a few moments — with the gap closing significantly this time. ‘Merica was definitely still in-the-game. Everyone walked away extremely proficient at breaking into cars, which is one hell of a survival skill.

For our next episode, we’ll wade into the last steps of “car appropriation” — getting the car to run (“hot wiring”) and getting the hell out of dodge (“escape and evasion.”)

At the end of the day, we’ll see these six men, and anyone who watches this video series, take a big jump in their ability to fight and survive in a lawless scenario.

All of the SOF guys at ReadyMan have traveled the world, using our resourcefulness and training to survive and accomplish the missions at hand. We’re committed to seeing strong Americans learn these same skills, but that takes practice and exposure to a world without easy answers.

In this ReadyMan Challenge, conceived by Jeff Kirkham (28 year Green Beret) and myself (Evan Hafer, 20 year Green Beret and CIA instructor), we’re putting our six ReadyMen right into the heart of a world where they have to figure shit out themselves. Stay tuned over the next six or seven episodes as they learn volumes about special forces and CIA tips, tricks and strategies. 

But more amazingly, watch as these guys tap into their inner-badass and figure shit out on the fly, by themselves.

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