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What if You Needed 500 Gas Masks in the Apocalypse?

Posted on October 26 2018

Many preppers have enough for their family. Very few preppers have enough for the community that would join them as they settled into long-term survival.

If there’s one thing that Jeff and I agree on as co-authors, it’s that people will not survive solo or even in small groups. It will take a sizable group, say 20 to 200 people, to cover security and life support needs. We think most survivors will gravitate toward groups in this size range, even if they haven’t arranged them in advance.

How many gas masks do you have? Two? Four? Zero?

What if you needed sixty? This exact scenario comes up in the sequel to Black Autumn, called White Wasteland (that we’re current writing.) I won’t spoil the story as to how the need for gas masks arises four months after the economic collapse of America, but Jeff Kirkham and his community scrounge up 500 gas masks in two days. Here’s how they do it:

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