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Mission Planning: the Cheapest Weapon You Never Thought Of

Posted on November 28 2018

Worth a Dozen Guns and Costs Less than a Box of Shells

One factor stands out as a major reason American SEALs, Rangers, Green Berets, Marine Raiders, Delta Force, etc. exact such a staggering toll on their enemies:


Sounds a bit low-speed, but mission planning might actually kill more terrorists than the AC-130 Gunship. I guess that makes it HIGH SPEED.

The bad news: Mission Planning can’t be bolted onto your fore grip.

The good news: any prepper can have it for free and it doesn’t rust.

Some might call it “training” or “leadership," but we can get much more specific. Why does training make the American operator so hard-to-kill? Ranger School (one of the most-difficult schools in all branches) “is a 61-day combat leadership course oriented toward small-unit tactics.” In other words, Ranger School teaches a man how to PLAN MISSIONS and LEAD MEN.

According to author and 28 year Special Forces dude, Jeff Kirkham, PLANNING MISSIONS precisely, then conducting rehearsals, inspections and training, provides American operators an extraordinary advantage over their enemies. As an American citizen interested in preparedness, Jeff thinks you should absolutely steal this bit of American Ingenuity for yourself and your preparedness community. It’s cheap and easy, thanks to a new set of ebook guides Jeff just released as a bonus with his fiction thriller Black Autumn.

In 2010, MSG Jeff Kirkham, US Army Special Forces, wrote the Small Unit Leaders Operational Planning Guide, and then in 2014, he wrote the 14th edition of the Combat Leader’s Field Guide. Both books are infinitely more-readable than the Army Field Manuals that cover the same subjects, but they’re still gobbledegook to a civilian. Sorry, Jeff. It's true.

In 2016, Jeff left the military to lead ReadyMan full-time, where today he works to teach American preppers everything he learned during almost three decades as an operator. As part of this work, he’s giving us the secrets to mission planning on a silver platter: a PREPPER version, in simple PREPPER language, with tons of simple sketches, customized to the realities of preparedness groups after a collapse.

How do we apply all this awesome knowledge?

  1. Get the Citizen Commando Guide.
  2. Get the six Smartbooks (planning guides) Jeff has completed so far (Raid, Recon, Ambush, Barter, Scavenge and Sniper.)

[sample page from the Citizen Commando Guide]

[Today, the only way you can get these guides is for FREE when you buy Jeff’s post-apocalypse novel, Black Autumn. If you’ve already bought the book, message me on Facebook and I’ll make sure you get all the free guides.]

Click to buy Black Autumn and get all the Citizen Commando books FREE.

[sample page from the Citizen Commando Guide]

Here’s where it gets fun. Once you have the Citizen Commando Guide and the six Smartbooks, you can start running missions with your buddies. Use airsoft or paintball (instructions on how to do this correctly are in the Citizen Commando Guide) — the “weapons” don’t matter nearly as much as learning to plan, rehearse and execute correctly. You can run the six missions with the little Smartbooks and have a blast doing it. So, not only are the books excellent planning guides, but they’re phenomenal training guides as well. All these cool little books will be available on Amazon in hard copy print early in 2019, but you can have them now as a free download.

[sample page from "Barter" Mission Planning Smartbook]

I must admit, I didn’t believe it at first. I figured that American operators did a lot of running and gunning and all their cool gadgets gave them the critical edge. But the more Jeff demonstrated the lethal power of mission planning, the more I realized that Al Queda and Taliban fight like gangsters and American operators fight like deliberate professionals. And that makes a massive difference in lethality.

[sample page from the Citizen Commando Guide]

In a social collapse, if I have to fight, I don’t want to fight like a gangster. I want to defeat gangsters and hopefully never lose anyone I love.

To do that, Jeff would tell me I have to learn to PLAN.

Now, if I could only bolt my mission plan onto the fore grip of my AR…



  • T.Rogers: November 14, 2021

    I’ve kindled through President Partisan. Would love a chance at these too.

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    Not sure if you already know this, but these links do not work anymore. Might want to have your web guy run through your site and update appropriately.

  • Dennis Easly: November 26, 2020

    I have Purchased and read all of the Black Autumn books. This is the 1st time I have heard about the above mentioned guides. How does one get these in their possesion?

  • Michael Zimmermann: November 25, 2020


    I just recently purchased and read Black Autumn and the rest of the series with AmazonPrime. I was curious if there was still a way to get the Citizen Commando Guide and the smart books?

    Thank you in advance. Keep up the great work guys.

  • Thom: November 25, 2020

    The links on this page are not working. Thank you.

  • Brent : November 25, 2020

    I was able to get Black Autumn through my membership to Amazon Prime. I look forward to reading it and was wondering how to get the commando guide and companion books. Thanks

  • Ron Spellman: April 20, 2020

    Hi! I received Black Autumn in my Battlbox a couple months ago – loved it! I have since purchased the rest of the series on Kindle (order numbers D01-4380488-0544218,
    D01-1651170-3654620, D01-6119164-7782652, and D01-3800162-7465805). I’m hoping for more!
    I’d love to get my hands on the Smartbooks, please, if that’s still a possibility. Thanks for everything!

  • Timothy Cross: March 05, 2020

    I bought and read the black autumn loved it
    How can I go about getting the citizen commando guide and the companion books.
    Thank you

  • Jeff Blackburn: June 18, 2019

    I bought Black Autumn order # D01-0850492-3942642

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    Amazing BOOK!!!!!! Bought the Hardback Order# 114-6396171-8565022, and audible version D01-2948246-3872264. I’m on my second listen through and defiantly recommend this book to anyone in prepping.

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    What if I’ve already purchased it through iBooks?

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    Can I get them if I bought the book already or a link to by just the guides?

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