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How to Destroy a Psychopath

Posted on February 18 2019

Five Critical Skills—Five Dirty Tricks—Three Hasty Weapons

We just read Russell Blake’s post-apocalyptic thriller, Day After Never, Blood Honor. The book describes a world where the cartels and psychos have seized control of America after a Black Swan collapse. We got so pumped up about Blake’s nasty vision of the collapse, that we sent Jeff Kirkham, our 28-year Green Beret martial arts expert, into the fighting gym to hammer out a fight-to-the-death method to destroy a hell-bent murderer. Jeff then hit up UFC legend Jeremy Horn for his opinion.

Jeff Kirkham, 28-year Green Beret and Josh Tyler, MMA Fighter talk to author Russell Blake and then take to you to gym to show you How to Destroy a Psychopath.

Here’s what the tough guys suggest you, or your wife or children, do to defend yourself when your opponent will stop at nothing.

Five Critical Skills

1. Pay Attention! Losing situational awareness—watching your phone or spacing out—marks you as a probable victim to a predator. Psychos usually look for easy wins and gazing at your screen makes you look like a victim. Also, don’t risk fights or confrontations no matter how strong or trained you may be. Once engaged in mortal combat, the outcome of the conflict is always uncertain. Random chance can result in serious injury or death.  Keep your eyes up and see potential threats far away and avoid them (even during civilized times.) 

2. Carry A Gun. We asked UFC legend Jeremy Horn which he thought was the best fighting technique against a psychopath. We weren’t prepared for his answer: “First, have a gun. Second, know to use it.”  Guns are used approx. 2.5 million times every year in self-defense.  92% of those times, the gun is only threatened. The presence of a gun, alone, stops millions of attacks from occurring each year.  Home invasion attacks are thwarted 498,000 times per year. Pistols are a fundamental EDC if you are willing to train with them on a regular basis. Video is no substitute for real life training, but ReadyMan provides many hours of free videos to help you learn.

3. Carry A Pocketknife. The knife in the hand of even an inexperienced person is worth five years of martial arts training. Just the presence of a knife will give most psychopaths serious hesitation.  We have been told many times by criminals in correction facilities that the threat of being cut by a knife actually scares them more than being shot. A fancy fighting knife is not essential, either. A kitchen knife in the face of a home invasion works.  A pocket knife should be an essential part of everyone’s EDC. Check out some of the ReadyMan videos where we teach some of the different knife techniques.

4. Have A Dog. The Number One deterrent against home invasion is a large, aggressive dog.  Man’s best friend will fight to the death to protect his master effectively giving a 2:1 advantage against a psycho attacker.  A dog can create the delay you need to retrieve a gun or knife. 

5. Keep an Offensive Mindset and Be Creative. Making the decision now not to be a victim has proven to be the tipping point in a life or death struggle. Make up your mind now that you will fight to the death and fight to win. Fancy guns and knives are nothing without a determined mindset. You will not always know that you are facing a relentless psychopath, so you must be utterly aggressive and violent. There are no rules. There are no referees. There is no second place, especially when confronting a psychopath. Claw, bite, stab, shoot, smash, and by all means cheat so that you win.

We’re talking about psychopaths, and, predominantly, ones that attack the weak like women and children. We know how they think from prison interviews: roughly 50% of psychos want their victim to be submissive. The other 50% want their victim to resist. You will have no idea what kind of crazy person you are fighting. If you fight back, right off the top you are a bad target for the 50% who fantasize about submission. That leaves 50% who want you to fight. If you go hard-core violent, no matter how small you are, you may actually be able to hurt them, no matter what their fantasy may be. So, it is safe to say that at least 50% of the remaining 50% could be hurt enough to dissuade them. That means you have reduced your probability of threat by a whopping 75% by fighting with everything you’ve got. The bottom line is: always fight, and fight like your life depends on it.


Five Dirty Tricks

Eyes - The eyes are completely vulnerable to both blunt force and cuts. A finger in the eye will cause any attacker to flinch. It may not stop them, but a jab in the eye will definitely give them pause. A knife across the eyeball will cause extreme psychological damage to any aggressor—making them stop, hold their eye or fall to the ground.

Back of Neck - There’s a reason in boxing they don't let you strike the back of the neck.  It’s incredibly vulnerable and can either stun or kill. The bones in the first cervical spine that hold your head on are actually quite small. A solid blow to the back of the neck can cause temporary paralysis. The same goes for the side of the neck where one finds the brachial plexus of nerves. A solid blow to the neck can stun or cause paralysis along one side of the body. Jeff Kirkham has done this and was amazed at how well it worked. (Don’t ask when he did this. He was undoubtedly doing James Bond stuff at the time.)

Throat - If you miss the neck and hit the throat, you’re still good. With a throat strike, you can momentarily stun or paralyze. The brachial plexus is a large bundle of nerves that runs down the side of the neck. Just think about someone hitting you there and you’ll know exactly where it is. Also, a strike to the carotid artery—in the same general area—can cause the artery to spasm which in some cases will cause the psycho to faint.

Genitals - The old, reliable ball-kick works just as advertised especially against dudes. Striking the genitals varies widely by individual in effect, but you’ll almost always get the psycho to flinch so that you can follow up with another blow or make your escape.

Fingers - Fingers are the most vulnerable joint to attack. Bending fingers back and breaking them will take the steam out of any attacker. It takes only one broken finger to cripple even a big man. Breaking the pinky at the joint is extraordinarily painful. It’ll cause the attacker to let go and get him to hold the broken hand. Once that happens, follow up with other dirty tricks—maybe with a solid kick to the nuts just to round out his bad day.


Five Hasty Weapons

Pot Lid - Medieval fighters carried shields they called “bucklers” which were essentially pot lids. A pot lid shields against fists, knives and most clubs. Turning the lid sideway, you can strike to the face, throat, chin, eyes, and particularly the wrist.

Book - Both a shield and a weapon, a book gives you a bit of distance from a psycho attacker. It can easily blunt a punch, a knife or even a kick. A hardback book is rigid and narrow. Used on its side, a hardback focuses energy for a more intense blow. Think about being hit with a thrown hardback book, tossed like a frisbee.

Roofing Hammer - In medieval times, the war hammer was a feared battlefield weapon. The focused energy would crush bone, smash armor, and dislocate joints. A roofing hammer is nothing more than a medieval tool of war, now used to drive nails and destroy old construction. The fork on the back is a spike, ready for war. When the media focused on SOF operators using tomahawks in war, many moved to hammers instead.

Screwdriver - Screwdrivers are strong, sharp, inexpensive and readily available; phillips or flathead.  Old Soviet bayonets were essentially flathead screwdrivers. The screwdriver is most-easily used in a stabbing fashion, since an effective slash requires more training.

Chair - A chair can be employed as a shield. It gives you distance and protects you from knives, clubs, fists and kicks. It can also be used to smash an aggressor across the back, head or body. A dining room chair is a strangely-formidable weapon. 

Anything is a weapon. Force multipliers are all around you, such as a hard plastic cup used to smash a psychopath in the face, or temporarily blinding an attacker with Windex so that you can follow up by smashing them to the ground with a chair is fair game.


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