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Bigger and Badder Than FEMA. Much Badder.

Posted on October 19 2018

(If you’re going to worry about “the man” worry about these guys)

As we continue the Black Autumn series of thriller novels, Jason and I have dug into the question (with much help from YOU on social media): who are the REAL threats after a Black Swan collapse?

Who has the organization and the sheer viciousness to hold together and dominate territory if not for the U.S. Guv?

Jason and I just got back from Guatemala training their special forces and secret service and we leave in two days to go back. Here’s the answer, my friends:


How does one describe a nation that has constant conflict, loss of rule of law, constant kidnapping and murder rates that rival causality rates in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Mexico.

In any other place in the world it would be called an insurgency but in the case of Mexico, it is brushed off as corruption and crime. But in many states, it’s dancing on the razor’s edge of civil disorder.

Call the Cartel what they are by their self-admitted activities.  They are a terrorist insurgency and an organization that fits every single layer of the definition of a terrorist organization.  The Cartel is actively fighting the local and federal government, neighboring countries governments, terrorizing local businesses and people and un-fortunately is one of the most well funded insurgencies in existence.

We believe that the cartels would fill the void in the western and southwestern United States as one of the few standing powers in the wake of the government, and we’re writing that fact into our sequel to Black Autumn called White Wasteland.

Federal Law enforcement teaches that no complex criminal organization can exist without political corruption and that is exactly what we have seen time and time again in Mexico, but unfortunately the United States has contributed massively to that corruption. What else would one call the infamous program “Fast and Furious”?  During the program of “Fast and Furious” the United States was actively arming Mexico’s (a neighboring sovereign country) insurgents, the Cartel!  It is no different than Pakistan arming and equipping the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Consider this: the main factor that has slowed the spread of the insurgency in Mexico is some of its citizens fighting back; fighting back without the protection of a 2ndAmendment. But they’re doing anyway.  Better to risk prison, than allow a despicable terrorist insurgency to kidnap and murder your family.  This is proof once again that the 2ndAmendment is undoubtedly one of the most important freedoms that a human being can have, it ensures the means for the universal right of self defense.  The 2ndAmendment exists not so much for people to fight against a tyrannical government, but so that citizens can defend themselves from their neighbors. Evil neighbors that would take another’s freedoms then seize government power that history solidly shows leads to murder and mayhem.

Legalization of drugs in the United States is probably not the answer, but Mexico embracing the 2ndAmendment just might be.

Check out this killer video from Vice about the Mormons of Juarez fighting the cartels on their own. Looks like the apocalypse already:


  • Frank Vazquez: November 18, 2019

    I think that dumb as they seem, that politicians and power hungry madmen realize that the people who fight for the freedom and well being of their friends and families and who feel their backs are up against a wall are the most dangerous army of any kind.

    They might hate to fight or kill, but won’t just lay down or bend over and allow scumbags to deprive them and theirs of the right to live free and thrive.

    And THAT is why liberals here and oppressors world wide always want to take away people’s guns, control food supplies and take most of their money (fees and taxes) to keep them weak, poor and defenseless.

  • James Retallick: November 18, 2019

    I read Black Autumn, just started Conquistadors. Great reads, but even better as a warning for everyone to prepare for what I believe will be coming to a community near you. The causes of the calamities may be different, but the end result is the same if you fail to prepare.

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