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Posted on October 28 2018





Six-pack abs are a horrible idea for preparedness. A certain amount of fat—enough to keep you reasonably warm outside in the spring but not so much that you can’t run up a hill to escape a hungry, post-apocalyptic badger… a certain amount of body fat is probably a good idea.


According to the absolutely-reliable experts at Wikipedia (i.e. random contributors), rock hard athletic males run between 6-13% body fat and females run between 14-20% body fat. Having lived a couple years (a few years back) around 9% body fat while I was doing triathlons, I can tell you that my system generally sucked and let me down constantly. I was sick a LOT and I didn’t have sufficient reserves. From my personal experience, I believe these “athlete” levels of body fat are a terrible idea for someone who wants to survive the Black Autumn Collapse (blatant plug for our five-star, #1 new release Military thriller on Amazon.)

Back to the god-like information on Wikipedia. In the category of “Fitness,” meaning “way better than average and nowhere near obese,” males run between 14-17% body fat and females run between 21-24% body fat. In the picture, I’m a 49 year-old with 17% body fat on-the-nose.

All body types are different, but here’s my justification/argument for 17% body fat if you’re a male prepper:

So long as you’re working out about an hour a day, six days a week, 17% body fat is a sustainable and reasonable percentage that should allow you to:

  • run a 10k off the couch. You won’t be fast, but you won’t stop a bunch either.
  • maintain muscle tone.
  • not freeze your A$$ off in the cold.
  • live to a ripe, old age unless you get cancer. And, you will be way less likely to get cancer.

In their totally-awesome book for men over forty years old, Younger Next Year, Crowley and Lodge argue for a manageable six hour per week workout routine, split between cardio and weight lifting. They also have a few things to say about not eating crap and about being part of a community. But whiskey is still okay… Thank you, Lord.

One last piece of advice: get one of these scales that measure body fat. They don’t get it exactly accurate, but they’re very close. Your body fat percentage is a better indicator of health than your weight.

Second disclaimer by the publisher: the author knows almost nothing about any of this. You probably still need to do your own research or read the book, but don’t ask your local Crossfit instructor because they’ll probably tell you that you need six-pack abs.

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